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08/14/2014 - Tyler McCauley "Footsteps to the Future"
07/29/2014 - EEOC Compliance
09/25/3013 - Beverley McCauley with Senator Marco Rubio


Tyler McCauley "Footsteps to the Future" - Masonry Contractor Article
Tyler McCauley, Hunt Country Masonry's Don and Beverley's son was featured in the Masonry Contractor magazine's August 2014 Issue. Read full article...  
EEOC Compliance

Hunt Country Masonry Inc. is an organization that prides itself on TEAM involvement. As such the following information is for our Employee’s benefits and has a zero tolerance for interpretation on any level.
We DO NOT discriminate of the basis of the following: This information is provided as part of our EEOC, ADA, EPA, Civil Rights Act, and ADEA compliance but is the common thread of our culture. Our goal is to provide each of our employees with safe, non-discriminated, and challenging working environment.
     • Race
     • Color
     • Religion
     • Sex (Female vs Male or for pregnancy)
     • National Origin
     • Disibility
     • Genetic Information
     • Age

We DO however:
     • Promote equal pay for equal work regardless of any mitigating factors.
     • Have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment or harassment of any kind.
     • Observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of
        July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas
     • Accommodate based on any religious or personal beliefs. If you celebrate a
        religious holiday or have any personal beliefs other than Christmas you are
        welcome to take those days off as well as long as the dates have been
        requested in advance.
     • Believe that a company is only as good as its weakest team member and
        therefore promote self-improvement, job training, advancement and a TEAM
     • If you ever feel as though you have struggled with personality conflicts on site
        please contact Beverley McCauley via cell 703-898-9147, at the office or via
        email bmccauley@huntcountrymasonry.com directly.
     • We will always endeavor to make accommodations based on personal and
        family needs.
     • We will not ask any information regarding race, religion, national origin or
        genetic information. We will however, ask your age in order to comply with I-
        9 regulations, but do not discriminate based on your age also so we can
        celebrate your birthday with you ?
     • We want each employee to feel as though they are part of a larger family, a
        TEAM member, and part of our culture. As with any family, issues and
        disagreements can and will arise. However, they will be dealt with head on and
         as in any family punishments and disciplinary actions can and will be taken on
         case by case bases.

We welcome you into our home and our family. We will pray for you and wish God’s blessings on you and we are glad that you have chosen to be a part of our Team.

Beverley and Donald McCauley


Beverley McCauley, President of Hunt Country Masonry posed with Senator Marco Rubio during the Immigration Reform Meeting September 25, 2013.





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